Equipments & Accessories
AGC System for Flat Steel Rolling Mills:
Integral, manufactures Hydraulic Auto Gage control system for Hot and cold rolling mills for Mild steel,Aluminium mills,Stainless steel and other non ferrous metals. MORE...
Valve Stand Close Up:
Valve stands are used to distribute the hydraulic oil to various operations by necessary connected logic Integral offers valve stands with designed and developed logic for particular plant application ,with SG Iron ,MS & All alluminium manifold blocks valve stands are connected with neat and clean piping layout . valve stands are assembled ,duly flushed and then packed before dispatch. MORE...
Auxilliary Power Pack:
Auxiliary power packs are meant to tackle as large as 30 to 35 operation at a time Integral manufactures power units keeping in mind the problem of heating in such units so pumps and logic circuitery are so chosen that all elements can avoid net heat generation in circuits should be well equipped with all the controls like auto level monitoring,auto temperature control defined displays for all process parameters. All valves are committed for safety norms which is most necessary in such high pressure application. MORE...
Components & Spares:
rolling mill Equipments, Spares , Centralised series flow oil air and oil mist Lubrication systems.
A. High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders.
B. Hydraulic High Pressure Seals.
C. Valve Stand for distributed operations.
D. Hydraulic Power Pack.
E. New application development design & emgineering for tailored solutions.
F. All types of high pressure hydraulic fittings & hydraulic Hoses
G. Equipments Spares & Centralised Lubrication systems.